Good Reads and Revised Syllabi (v2.0)

Good Reads

Yodles. I read Lewis’ “Talking About Bicycles” today and in so doing, learned a little more about myself. Spectacular. Also notable: “Equality” – I think a good read for anyone looking for a little more to go along with “Membership” which is now available on the “Essays for Discussion” page. Come to think of it, “Screwtape Proposes a Toast” is also quite fantastic, and on topic with Membership and Equality. I’ll see if I can get these up on the site so folks can do some extra background reading (of course not required) for some more hashing out the ideas.

And this is where Clivey Jack gets even a little more controversial. Do you like democracy? Do you like equality? Do you know what they mean? (Or, at least, what Clivey thinks they mean/imply???) YERINFERATREAT!!

Syllabus, reflecting recent changes

CSL Syllabus v2.0


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